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Company suppliers who provide and supply different types of tomatoes for wholesale consider which type is suitable for potential buyers. With countless varieties of tomatoes and having delicious flavors for each one of them, the question is that one might wonder, “What is the difference which distinguishes them?” There are many different types of tomatoes that we are going to consider some of the most common and popular ones:

Cherry tomatoes:

Cherry tomatoes are usually red although might be green, yellow, or black. Being small round, bite-sized, and so juicy, they are a perfect choice for salads or eating alone as a snack or with Kebabs.Grape tomatoes: they are crispy, crunchy, have a sweet taste, and have thicker skin compared to cherry tomatoes. They were internationally recognized and gained popularity in the mid-1990s because they have higher sugar content or possibly their appearance. Grape tomatoes are not as juicy as cherry ones but the same to be eaten alone or used in salads

Roma tomatoes:

When the maturity takes approximately 75 days, Roma tomatoes known as plum tomatoes become like an egg- or pear-shaped (plum). Being naturally sweet and juicy, larger than cherry and grape tomatoes, they are an excellent choice for making sauces and canning. However, they are not good options to be used for slicing.

 Beefsteak tomatoes:

they are one of the largest varieties of cultivated tomatoes which are sturdy and firm enough to be thinly sliced for sandwiches. These tomatoes can also be used to make them ideal for fresh sauces. They’re also mild in taste and juicy.


 Beefsteak tomatoes:

Green tomatoes:

sometimes harvested unripe, green tomatoes are firm and easy to be sliced and can be used to make a condiment for sandwiches. They’re tangy and slightly sour.

 Better Boy:

better boy tomato is one of the best-selling tomato varieties in the world. This is a great slicing tomato.

Although there are tomato varieties, they have specific purposes for consumers.

The company suppliers of tomatoes first are looking to expand their markets internationally.  Some of the wholesale companies definitely are eager to spend top dollar for the high quality tomatoes in order to obtain and confirm their own position and expand trust among others worldwide. For achieving this goal, they do not depend on their company alone. They work with experienced farmers who cultivate and harvest tomatoes very carefully.

Tomato Wholesale Suppliers

During the past 10 years, many wholesale suppliers of tomatoes have turned their views from traditional chain supply of tomatoes for buyers to more up-to-date ones. In the traditional view, the tomato suppliers requested tomato farmers to collect the products on farms and then sent the crops to the company’s cold storage. From this perspective, the damage to crops is not low, therefore, the quality of the tomatoes for export is beneath the international standards. However, the wholesale suppliers of tomatoes have shifted their view to decrease the damage from the preharvest stage. Farmers consider the pesticides for the growing of tomato farms which are not harmful to humans as well as are very careful to harvest at the right time of maturity of the crops. The more wholesale suppliers take into account these issues, the higher quality tomatoes they are going to harvest which leads to more export value.

As a handful number of wholesale suppliers of tomatoes have put a great deal of effort into absorbing many bulk buyers, they have been trying hard to provide and supply them with top-notch products.

Tomato wholesale price in India

It is to some extent obvious that the wholesale prices of tomato depend on a wide range of factors such as the amount of quantity order, packaging, and other specifications. India is one of the biggest markets that many bulk buyers are asking for the price of wholesaling orders.

Tomato wholesale price in India

When looking for the best competitive prices, the potential buyers must be aware of figuring out and comparing all these items together.

The first consequential criterion for the price of tomato crop is the order quantity. It means that the more buyers place the order in large quantities, the more competitive price they will be given in order to be persuaded to fix the orders.

In addition, the customized packaging based on buyers’ preferences must be taken into account when considering the price of wholesale. In case ordering tomatoes in wholesale with the packaging of 5 layers of cartons or plastic type will have an effect on the price. In other words, these two types of packaging are a little higher in price compared with other packaging types.

Last but not the least, it is the quality of the tomatoes that affects the price. It means that if buyers order low quality (B grade) tomato product, they will be given a lower price.

Regarding the buyer’s geographical demand and requirements, given these points, people who are involved in trading tomatoes, especially in large quantities should take all the above-mentioned factors into consideration before buying or selling tomatoes.

Tomato buyers near me

It is obvious that most farmers are looking for “buyers near me” or fruit companies in order to sell their crops. When looking for potential tomato buyers or exporters, while you need to be well prepared, you need to be aware of some issues.

The most important point is that as farmers are regarding to sell their tomatoes to wholesale buyers, the other side of the coin is that quality and price are the main buyers concerns. In other words, if the quality of the farmer’s tomatoes is not “A grade” or at least does not meet the criteria of wholesale suppliers, the buyers are not going to spend a dollar on the crops.

Tomato buyers near me

On top of that, nowadays most businessmen, whether importers or exporters, are considering the amount of pesticide used pre and post-harvest. Therefore, the health certificate of products is on top priority for most buyers.

There are dozens of wholesale buyers who are interested in purchasing tomatoes if the crop meets the above-mentioned considerations.

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