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I can learn you a new recipe or structure for making an Indian dish. The main ingredient for this kind of recipe is tomato puree. It must be noticed that Asian countries are the center of tomato paste production.

This is a compilation of tomato paste sauces. Indian cuisine requires tomato paste. Tomato puree is just one of the many applications for tomatoes.

Tomato puree adds flavor depth while being simple to make. If the consistency of chopped fresh tomatoes is not what you’re going for in a given recipe, tomato puree is the way to go.

Tomato puree can be made by boiling whole tomatoes until the flesh expands and the skin cracks slightly, letting the tomatoes cool, peeling off the skin, and then blending the flesh until it is completely smooth. Our website even includes a detailed tutorial on how to prepare tomato puree.

Most Indian sabzis feature pureed tomatoes.

Pureed tomatoes are great if you want to add the flavor of tomatoes to something but don’t want to slice them. Additionally, the resulting gravy is silky and grain-free, both of which are mandatory for many Punjabi subzis.

The silkiness of the gravy in Paneer Makhani, one of these dishes, is essential so that the paneer can absorb all of the flavor. Tomato puree is the best choice for this.

Quick and Easy Tomato Onion Masala Sauce for Indian Cooking (Instant Pot Recipe)

Fast and flavorful curries like Methi Malai Paneer Tofu, Chana Marsala, Palak Aloo, and Panna Paneer can be made with this Tomato Onion Masala Sauce as the foundation.

The condiment can be saved for later use. Depending on the recipe, you can use the stovetop, an oven, or a pressure cooker to get the job done.

For quick and delicious weeknight meals that take no more than ten to fifteen minutes to prepare, try this recipe for Basic Tomato Onion Masala Sauce, which can be prepared in advance and stored in the refrigerator.

Many traditional Indian curries begin with a sautéed mixture of tomatoes, onions, ginger, and garlic seasoned with a variety of spices. Even though this dish only requires a few ingredients and about 15 to 20 minutes to prepare, as a working mom, I know how difficult it can be to find that extra time.

With this tomato onion sauce, you can have a delicious curry like Methi Paneer Tofu Curry (Fenugreek Lotion Curry with Tofu “Paneer”), Palak Aloo (Spinach with Potatoes), or Chickpea Curry powder ready to serve in as little as ten to fifteen minutes.

I’ve also provided you with the recipes for those things; however, before you get started cooking, let me give you the sauce recipe.

The Instant Pot is my go-to appliance for making this sauce. Cooking can be done in a pot on the stovetop or in a pressure cooker. The complete set of guidelines is provided below.

Only the time it takes to properly chop an onion and half a pound of tomatoes adds to the total preparation time of 30 minutes when using an Instant Pot. Doing this on the weekend will make your week easier, so plan accordingly.

Some advice on how to mince those onions: If you’re anything like me, you’ll be choking back tears the whole time. After cutting the onions in half lengthwise, I place them in a bowl and place the bowl and onions in the refrigerator for half an hour before beginning to chop them.

Only then do I begin chopping the onions. This significantly lessens the likelihood of any tearing occurring.

Also, you’ll need to crush a good amount of garlic and ginger—about a quarter cup total. If you happen to have some of the ginger-garlic paste that I prepare from scratch, that will help a lot.

Alternatively, you can use anything you pick up from the store; if you happen to live near a Whole Foods, you can find a variety of products there that don’t have any artificial preservatives.

Turmeric, paprika (not required but adds great color), cayenne pepper, coriander, and cumin are all powdered spices you’ll need for this dish. All of these things help the curry’s flavors develop and lay the groundwork for a delicious meal.

This sauce will keep for about a week in the fridge, or you can divide it up into smaller bottles and store it in the freezer. You must wait for something to defrost from the freezer before you can use it. With a cup and a half needed per use, this recipe yields enough for eight to ten meals.

For example, I’ve already shared with you how to make my own Tikka Masala Curry Paste, Balti Sauce, and Easy Curry Paste.

If you enjoy cooking Indian food, having one or two of these items on hand can be a lifesaver on busy days or weeks because you’ll have everything you need to make a delectable meal from scratch.

If you are hosting a party, you can get a head start on the day of the event by preparing this recipe the night before. The taste of no two will be the same, that much I can promise.

Actually, I’ll show you how you can make completely new recipes by making small adjustments and using a wide range of vegetables in conjunction with this tomato and onion base.

Allow this Tomato and Onion Sauce to serve as the basis for some speedy curries. Here’s a rundown of some of my favorite ways to use this sauce! Stay tuned for further details as they become available in the coming days.

Onions are a necessary ingredient in the traditional Masala sauce, which is otherwise composed of tomatoes. To be honest, yellow onions are a fine substitute for red or shallot onions in the event that you simply cannot find the former. On the other hand, red onions and shallots are highly recommended.


It’s a mixture of ginger and garlic ground into a paste.

the ground seeds of the coriander plant

Ground Cumin


Olive oil. I prefer to use flavorless avocado oil because of its many advantages. The main use for this will be in making north Indian dishes, and since coconut would alter the original flavor, it is not allowed. Any oil with a mild sweetness, like walnut or canola oil, will do.

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