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There is an international ancient food, which is traditionally called chicken curry, added with tomato paste, yogurt, and curry for cooking this type of chicken. This belongs to eastern countries including India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. In fact, Indian foods are blended with Indian traditions and customs. Even though the variety of their foods and desserts has increased, this food hasn’t been forgotten among them yet. This traditional food, Chicken curry, also has managed to prevail among people all around the world over the last decades. Curry is a useful lipotropic flavor that is moderately spicy, and I recommend that before adding it, manage this condiment based on your desires. We also have some yogurt and tomato paste, which are the main ingredients in this recipe.


We all already know that tomato paste is the most efficient condiment component; it gives flavor and aroma to the food, and without it, the food would be pretty tasteless. This delicious meal is served in the important banquet which is distinguished as a luxury dinner so we need to pick the high-quality ingredients in this food. In this case, you should consume a special type of tomato paste that has a high Brix then which affects the texture, smell, and color of this food. As a result, our team tries to manufacture the best kind of tomato paste with high Brix that when you’re cooking and adding it to your foods, give you an unforgettable taste and smell.

tomato paste yogurt curry

these days people are busy with their work and don’t have enough time to cook, so when they come back from work and see that they just have the basic ingredients such as tomato paste, yogurt, and curry, nothing comes to mind for cooking with these condiments without knowing that they can cook an international food with these flavors in a short time.

Chicken curry is an Indian dish that can be prepared in a variety of ways and with a range of ingredients. Because of the condiments utilized, this cuisine has numerous advantages. Some of the benefits can be mentioned here. Curry is the most popular flavor in Indian and Pakistani cuisine, and it is made up of many different spices. It has a spicy flavor and also contains numerous anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

One of the most important ingredients in this food is yogurt. Yogurt in foods benefits persons with digestive problems, and as we all know, yogurt and dairy products help the body absorb calcium. Aside from that, yogurt is low in calories, thus it helps in weight loss and is the best main substance in food preparation.

The other material of this delicious food is tomato paste which plays an important role in giving taste, aroma and smell. We are aware of this fact that this food without tomato paste is colorless. so the point that the quality is efficient for giving the color to this food is also important point.

tomato paste yogurt curry

tomato paste yogurt

we know that besides using the tomato paste in foods making it more delicious it has other advantages such as making sauce and using as a mask with yogurt.


We know that tomato paste is used as the basic material for creating ketchup, and that it is then mixed with other ingredients and used as a sauce in various foods and salads to give it a new flavor.

However, we’d like to look at the potential positive side of tomato paste’s advantages. Tomato paste has an impact on several functions and parts of the body. The skin is one of the consequences of this nutritional supplement. Tomatoes are high in water, numerous proteins, vitamins, and minerals that the whole body need. Eating this product benefits the digestive system, immune system, blood vessels, cardiovascular system, skin and hair, and other bodily systems. One of the benefits of tomato paste is connected to the skin, as previously stated. Tomato paste is healthy for both the skin and the hair, according to skin and hair professionals, and it may even be used as a mask. You may prepare a face mask by combining tomato paste with yogurt and other ingredients. This excellent mask is a fantastic mixture for removing stains and wrinkles from the skin.

Our lives are surrounded by a lot of pollution and fat. Before going to bed, use a tomato paste mask for a quarter of an hour. The dirt will be gone immediately, and your skin will stay fresh and healthy. Using tomato paste masks on a regular basis is one way to prevent wrinkles and sun damage.

tomato paste yogurt

yogurt tomato paste chicken

People who enjoy spicy cuisine are increasingly turning to a traditional dish with yogurt, tomato sauce, and chicken. As a result, this chili dish is known as curry chicken, and it is popular in India and Pakistan. However, due to its great flavor, this delightful food has spread to many countries around the world. Different chefs in India create this cuisine in different ways. Local residents, on the other hand, are very much in this yogurt and chicken stew dish.

Indian food is frequently made with a variety of exotic spices that have numerous medicinal properties and are blended with a large amount of tomato paste, which actually creates a magical combination.

yogurt tomato paste chicken

Because tomato paste and yogurt are two of the most important ingredients in cooking, you must be careful while selecting the type of tomato paste. This cuisine includes a lot of sauce, which is made out of tomato paste. You may adjust the heat according to your preferences, but the primary kind is quite hot. As a result, instead of chili sauce, you would use a moderate tomato paste.

As a possible result, our team successfully exported many products to many countries around the world, but they’re doing their best to provide all the healthiest type of chili paste and tomato paste with the best quality and at an affordable price, not to forget the flavor and texture of this delectable meal.

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