Tomato Paste Tin Heavy Cream Pasta Spaghetti Sauce

Tin is a name of famous brand in field of tomato paste which has been active for some several years now. Now days they are producing the heavy cream pasta and also some new spaghetti sauce. This spaghetti sauce recipe is probably the first thing I learned to cook, all by myself, when I was really young.

As I got better at cooking and baking (and because I loved it so much), I can remember two recipes in particular that my mom would let me make all by myself: This is Homemade Spaghetti Sauce and our family favorite Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies .

​​​​​​She would be around to supervise, but I was very encouraged to cook on my own! And an even bigger confidence boost when my older brothers said they liked the food. This homemade spaghetti sauce recipe has been a family staple for as long as I can remember. It’s very simple and the flavors are amazing.

This is one of those dishes that always tastes great – and it’s perfect for busy weeknights this time of year! Plus, there isn’t a picky eater who can say no to spaghetti! First, fry the beef and onions. Finely chop the ground beef as you go.

After it’s roasted, I often like to add it to my food processor to pulse it once or twice so it’s finely chopped. This makes the sauce extremely bland (although some people like their spaghetti sauce with more meaty peas in it).

Then add the tomato sauce, tomato paste, spices, Worcestershire sauce and sugar and bring the mixture to a simmer. Add water and simmer for 30 minutes or more to get more depth of flavor. The longer you cook it, the more the flavors will blend together in a beautiful way.

There is all sorts of confusion surrounding these terms, but spaghetti sauce, marinara sauce, and pizza sauce are generally tomato-based.

Marinara sauce or pasta sauce is a slow simmering sauce often made with tomatoes, garlic and herbs. In America, we often refer to marinara as tomato sauce without the meat.

Spaghetti sauce is basically any sauce you put on spaghetti. Traditional spaghetti sauce is often just a more complex marinated sauce with added spices and can be made with meat, vegetables, cheese, and more. Pizza sauce is usually raw and refers to any sauce you put on a pizza.

This sauce is usually simple, with few ingredients and is meant to be made with the pizza for extra flavor. This homemade spaghetti sauce can easily be made ahead of time. Refrigerate for 3 to 4 days or freeze.

Before freezing the spaghetti sauce, let the mixture cool completely. Label a gallon freezer bag and fill it with the sauce.

Store it on a flat surface so it freezes into a flat shape that is easy to store. Store it for up to 4-6 months. To use, place the frozen sauce in a saucepan and reheat on the stove until warm. This recipe for homemade spaghetti sauce comes from my mother-in-law and I have kept it and used it since she first made it for us.

It’s better than any jarred sauce you get at the store, and there’s always enough to freeze for another meal or two in the future. In a Dutch oven, cook meat, onion, green pepper and garlic until meat is browned and vegetables are tender. Drain off the fat.

Stir in undrained tomatoes, tomato paste, brown sugar, oregano, salt, basil, thyme, and bay leaf. Stir in the water or beef stock.

Bring to a boil; reduce the heat. Simmer, uncovered, for 1 ½ to 2 hours or until sauce reaches desired consistency, stirring occasionally. Remove the bay leaf. Serve over hot spaghetti. Try to use good quality tomatoes if you have access to them.

My favorite brand of tomatoes is Tuttorosso, Muir Glen or Pomi tomatoes. I like Pomi tomatoes because they come in a can rather than a can, which is nice if you’re trying to avoid BPA. Don’t skip the brown sugar.

Adding a little sugar to your homemade spaghetti sauce can reduce the natural acidity of the tomatoes and help balance the sauce.

For an extra kick, add some red pepper flakes to your sauce. Only add this if you like a little spice! Meat Substitutes: You can substitute ground turkey or pork sausages for lean ground beef. You can also leave it out completely for a meatless vegetarian spaghetti sauce.

Let it simmer. I like to let my sauce simmer for at least an hour and a half, but longer is better (up to 2-3 hours). The longer you let the sauce simmer, the richer the flavor.

Cream Pasta Sauce Spaghetti

You can also transfer the tomato sauce to cream pasta for spaghetti. If your sauce is too thick after cooking, add a little more water to thin it out.

If you have leftover spaghetti sauce, here are some ideas to help you put it to good use: Make baked meatballs and serve with leftover homemade spaghetti sauce or turn them into meatball sandwiches. Use it for lasagna! We love Zucchini Lasagna and Easy Pan Lasagna for busy dinners.

Bake garlic bread and use leftover spaghetti sauce as a dip. Toss it in the peppers and roast it in the oven, or cook spaghetti squash on top with leftover sauce.  When Grandma Barb passed away last year, I was the one in the family who got all of her handwritten recipes.

It was an honor for my family to entrust me with these priceless gems. I spent last weekend putting the vast collection into a photo album for safe keeping.

I have looked through the collection so many times over the past few months and feel so blessed and grateful that she took the time to write the best recipes for our family. I can’t tell you what a comfort it is to miss her and be able to make one of her pound cakes and taste it exactly as I remember it.

Back in September, when I was looking for her recipes, she let me know that I never had a chance to find the recipe for homemade spaghetti sauce, and neither did any of the family.

It was my fault because I had always loved her simple spaghetti sauce and she hadn’t changed the recipe since I was young. I still remember the smell of her making this pasta sauce in huge batches and putting it in gallon freezer bags in the freezer.

It lasted for months, and she used it to make lasagna, ziti, and even sometimes simmer for manwiches. I carefully went through her recipes over and over hoping I was there, but to no avail.

Cream Pasta Sauce Spaghetti

Well, one day when my husband joined me and I was looking at his recipes for his lemon pound cake, guess what we got??? Homemade Spaghetti Sauce Recipes!!! My heart dropped! How on earth did I miss this?? I smiled and said “thanks mom!” for I could not but feel that she would have slipped it in there for me.

I made it for dinner the same day and my boys were like, “Can we have this spaghetti sauce every time we have spaghetti?” lol it looked like I was sitting at my grandma’s table doing homework and eating this spaghetti sauce.

and now I serve it to my own children. What I love about my Grandma Barb’s easy spaghetti sauce recipe is that it’s so quick, easy, full of flavor, and easy enough to make on a weeknight. It’s very chunky and full of fresh onions, garlic, herbs and the perfect combination of spices for a spaghetti sauce.

You should never buy the jars! This is a very simple spaghetti sauce recipe that you can easily modify to suit your family’s preferences.

Her spaghetti started with a jar of sauce (which is fine) but the funniest part is that she would melt butter over the noodles, add sauce, then put a layer of cheddar or mozzarella on top and melt in the microwave lol! Since then we have learned a lot about spaghetti and the best way to cook it.

Here is my idea for the best quick and easy spaghetti sauce! Shredded Beef: Next, start shredding the beef (I like to use a bamboo spatula with a flat end like in the picture).

Let it continue to cook until it’s done cooking (again, you can create pockets of space to help the heat circulate and escape so the beef doesn’t steam). Drain the beef: Transfer the browned beef to a paper towel-lined plate, leaving about 1 tablespoon of the fat in the pan.

Or add 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Aromatic Saute: Add the onion and saute for 4 minutes or until almost soft, then add the garlic and saute for 1 more minute. Add other ingredients: add crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, water, beef, basil and oregano.

Season with salt and pepper to taste. Sauce to simmer: Bring to a gentle boil, then reduce heat to low (about 2nd to lowest), cover, and simmer until onions are tender, about 15 minutes. Adjust consistency as needed: If you have more time, simmer longer.

Thin with a little water if needed, thicken with a little tomato paste if needed (a little goes a long way). Finish with cheese: Add the parmesan last and let it melt.

Serve over pasta of choice sprinkled with Parmesan and parsley. Note that if you don’t like meat sauce, you can cut the beef portion in half.

Cream Pasta Sauce Spaghetti

Tomato Paste Spaghetti Sauce

There are some tips you can do for making tomato paste more proper for spaghetti sauce. You can also add other things like sauteed mushrooms.

Yes, but I recommend roasting 2 lbs of ground beef separately, 1 lb at a time and using a crock pot. It does not fit in a pan or frying pan. To make the best use of time, prepare the ingredients and cook the sauce.

Chop the onion, garlic and basil while the beef is cooking. While the sauce is cooking, grate the Parmesan cheese and finely chop the parsley. Yes, I freeze it all the time.

I like to freeze in batches and then thaw overnight for lunch the next day. Since spaghetti has long been one of my favorite foods, I picked a few different things here and there to complement it. Here are my tips: Really brown the beef.

Don’t put everything in one thin layer and keep tossing and turning. Instead, cut it into large chunks, let the bottom sear and brown really well, and then start shredding it. Use crushed tomatoes instead of tomato sauce or puree.

It has a better, more tomato flavor. Don’t skimp on the garlic and add lots of onions. They really cover the flavor here. It is best to use fresh basil.

Allow time to simmer. This will give those flavors time to blend and complement and the sauce will have time to reduce and thicken a bit. Stir the parmesan into the sauce. Again we take a taste and even though it’s only 1/4 cup it gives it something special.

This rich spaghetti sauce is surprisingly easy to make. It’s so thick and delicious, I bet you’ll never buy the stuff in a package again! I made my own spaghetti sauce a few years ago and was amazed at how simple it was.

Tomato Paste Spaghetti Sauce

I’ve been doing it ever since! It’s almost as easy as using the store-bought kind. Really! Especially because even when I was buying pre-made sauce, I found myself adding extra herbs and spices to make it even better. (I know, I know. You might think this is unnecessary, but I’m a bit of a picky eater, right? So don’t be surprised.)

Making this gravy will brown ground turkey or ground beef. Then add crushed canned tomatoes, tomato paste, water, garlic and spices. Let it simmer together for about 10 to 15 minutes, or until it’s heated through and your flavors have had time to blend.

It is! It really is that simple, but it tastes amazing! The ingredients are simple. I don’t even add sauteed onions (ouch!) or peppers because I want even the little kids to love it.

I promise you this sauce tastes great without them! Serve over your favorite pasta, spaghetti squash (see my Roasted Spaghetti Squash recipe), or zoodles.

You can even top it with roasted veggies for a satisfying yet light meal! This is a very easy recipe to double, so before you start cooking, think about how much sauce you’ll actually need. One batch of this recipe makes enough for four people if you don’t have any leftovers and don’t expect anyone to need extra servings.

When I do this for my family, it is enough because I am feeding two adults and two children. My daughter eats a small portion so my husband and son can go back for seconds with no problem.

Allow the sauce to cool completely. Pour into a freezer-safe container and seal. The sauce will keep for 3 to 4 months in the freezer. To thaw, let the sauce thaw (sealed in the container you’re freezing it in) in a sink of lukewarm water.

Once melted, pour the sauce into a saucepan on the stove to reheat or into a large microwave-safe bowl. You can also reheat it from frozen (no need to thaw) by adding it to your slow cooker and letting it cook for 5 to 6 hours on low.

Tomato Paste Spaghetti Sauce

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