Pronunciation of tomato or tomatoe history

As we already know tomato is one type of vegetable which has a long amazing account and eye-catching-to-read history. The pronunciations of tomato or tomatoe (which is spelled incorrectly) are different in many languages. The journey begins when many have wondered how the word “tomato” is pronounced. More interestingly, it’s when many bulk buyers around the world were looking for an easy pronunciation for the word. Now it’s time to talk about the pronunciation, history, and names of tomatoes.

Pronunciation of Tomato

There are several pronunciations of the word “tomato.” British people pronounce it as “tom-ah-to” while “tom-ay-to” is considered more American pronunciation. However, in a country like Canada, some of its regions pronounce American-like while in other regions you can see British pronunciation which is slightly different from the American one. However, the hot debate is: Is it “tom-ay-to” or “tom-ah-to”?  To answer this question we have to move back to the origin and the way each country looks for the easiest way to pronounce this fruit. However, we have to take into account that when buyers imported this fruit to their countries they were curious about what words to name for tomato which can be pronounced easily.

In Spain, people pronounce tomato as “tom-ah-te” based on the sound system of Spanish. Then this fruit was moved to Britain more than 3 hundred years ago. When the British importers saw it for the first time and heard the pronunciation of the word by the Spanish, because of the easy way to pronounce it, it was adopted by them to pronounce it in the same way as the Spanish one. Therefore, when tomatoes were distributed in the British market, consumers started to pronounce it exactly like the Spanish one.

Tomato or Tomatoe

When it comes to the spelling we are faced with the question “which one is correct Tomato or Tomatoe?

If you have a very simple search in the dictionary, you will find that “Tomato” is the correct spelling of this word. It means that tomatoe is incorrect. Perhaps when buyers wanted to fill out a Pro-forma invoice in order to import from export companies, the incorrect form of the word was written incorrectly by large numbers of importers or exporters. And maybe many grocery stores wrote the word “tomatoe” on a tag to introduce this fruit to consumers.

However, according to the Oxford dictionary, the spelling of “tomatoe” is mistakenly and commonly used a lot by many. Remember, the word “tomatoes” is the popular form of tomato. Therefore, the correct form of spelling is “tomato” and the plural form is “tomatoes.”

Tomato or Tomatoe

Tomato history

Tomato refers to an edible berry of the plant regarded as a vegetable which is commonly known as the tomato plant. The history of tomato goes back to the date of 700 A.D. Many believe that tomato is originally native to America. from there we can the export of tomato to other countries.

Spain: To begin with, the Spanish introduced these red beautiful fruit (tomatoes) to Europe. Many Spanish businessmen exported tomatoes throughout Europe. The Spanish had difficulty eating them because it was for the first time people had seen a supposedly weird plant. As time passed, they accustomed to eating the tomato being used by many cooks. Therefore, tomatoes have hugely gained acceptance and they were regarded as one of the main ingredients of every meal.

Europe: It is around the 16th century that this fruit was brought to Europe. Many European countries at first did not accept it to eat. They believed that tomato was poisonous because it was high in acids which led to the transfer of poison to the body resulting in death. However, it gained its position in most kitchens. Therefore, tomatoes have been used in many dishes.

Britain: British people like this small round red vegetable but they believed that this plant was poisonous. It was considered with a suspicion that this plant was recognized as relatively poisonous belladonna.

Italy: a long time ago one of the Italian writers named the tomato “poma Peruviana” which was perhaps driven from Peru. So the Italian people selected this name because it indicated the yellow-colored fruit.

When the Spanish introduced the tomato to the Caribbean, it was the exact time to send it to the Philippines where the tomato was introduced to all Asian countries. The history of tomatoes has a lot to say. To put it in a nutshell, the origin of tomatoes started in America then the Spanish distributed this fruit to most countries around the world.

Tomato history


Tomato names

Generally speaking, tomato is classified as a fruit category. However, many people regard it as a vegetable because it is low in sugar content when compared to fruits.

One of the most popular fruit, although it is regarded as a vegetable because it has low sugar, is the tomato. One might wonder where the names for “tomato” came from and what they mean. For the start, the tomato has a couple of names in its history.

The Aztecs in Mexico call this fruit the word “tomatl” which simply meant “swelling fruit” later on the Spanish had a slight modification and changed the name of this fruit to “tomate” because it is like plump fruit. As it is similar to the plum, however, it differs in its color and taste. As the people in Greek started to cultivate it, a specific name “lycopersicum” (from the 1753 book Species Plantarum) derived that carried the meaning of ‘wolf peach’.

As it was known in Europe for its yellow color, the Italians called the tomato “pomodoro“ which meant “golden apple”. As I mentioned above, it derived its name because of yellow color looked like an apple. In France, people call tomatoes “pomme d’amour”. The meaning of the French name for tomato is “love apple.”

As there are different types of tomatoes, so we have to expect that there are different names for each one of them.

Cherry tomatoes: as most people regard tomatoes to be red, they have several colors as well including green, yellow, and black. The name of cherry might come from the shape that this type of tomato has. They are small round and bite-sized fruit. Their shape is like cherry to be used in different kinds of salads and a perfect choice for snacks or you can eat with Kebabs.

Tomato names

Grape tomatoes: as there are a bunch of tiny tomatoes on each branch, it is obvious it is called grape tomatoes. They are smaller than cherry ones and as sweet and crunchy as cherry tomatoes as well.

Roma tomatoes: as they carry the taste of sweetness, are larger than cherry and grape tomato types, have the same shape as an egg or pear-like plum, they are a good option for making sauces and canning.

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