High Quality Crushed Tomato Concentrate in Shops

Tomato paste is a widely used condiment in the culinary world, which has many fans and in addition to coloring and glazing food, it also has unique benefits for the health of the body. To make the puree, the tomatoes are completely crushed raw or after heating and then concentrated as a juice. High quality crushed tomato concentrate is available in shops and this complex is also one of the production centers of this concentrate.

High Quality Crushed Tomato Concentrate in Shops

What Is Crushed Tomato Concentrate?

What Is Crushed Tomato Concentrate? What is Crushed Tomato Concentrate? Concentrate is a watery tomato product used in cooking. And today it has replaced industrial pastes. Tomato puree is one of the best ways to prepare a variety of foods, soups and stews that replace tomato paste.

Tomato puree is one of the raw materials of many Iranian and international dishes that can even be eaten alone. Eating tomatoes in the form of puree or drink, will water you with many properties of this food. These days, tomatoes are talked about all over the world.

Tomato puree with many vitamins and antioxidants improves your health. You can prepare and freeze this puree at a reasonable price and you can use it whenever you need. You can boil tomato puree or put it in the freezer or keep it canned. And keep it and use it for a long time.

One of the key points when concentrating is that the less salt is used, the better it is in terms of material. When concentrating, the air inside the puree is completely trapped.

Because the main smell and taste of tomato is not lost in the tomato sauce, it is used in tomato sauce, stew sauce, stew and other types of foods with tomato flavor. It is also used as a raw material in ketchup.

How They Make Crushed Tomato Concentrate?

How They Make Crushed Tomato Concentrate? How to make crushed tomato concentrate? First, the tomatoes are washed and chopped, then, with the help of an electric meat grinder or food processor or blender, the tomatoes are pureed and crushed well.

Put the tomatoes in a pan and fry a little until the tomato juice is completely drawn, then add a little oil and salt to it and fry the ingredients well until the tomato juice is drawn. At this stage, you can make a flavored puree if desired.

You can use a little garlic and spices of your choice. When the puree water is drawn, remove from the heat and cool, then pour the puree into the zipper and tighten it, or you can use ice cubes and put it in the freezer, then take it out of the freezer for 10 minutes to use.

The use of crushed tomato concentrates usage is very popular today and most of these valuable nutrients are substituted for paste and used in most of their foods.

Wholesale Market of Crushed Tomato Concentrate

Wholesale Market of Crushed Tomato Concentrate This is a wholesale market complex of chopped tomato concentrate with the best quality. Sale centers of this condiment are active all over the country and you can easily buy from these centers.

This collection is also one of the producers of the best crushed tomato concentrates. This collection is the crushed tomato concentrates best supplier. In fact, this group offers tomato concentrate directly to its consumers, so the price of the products in this series is much lower than the market and it is affordable.

This collection is a supplier of cheap tomato puree without intermediaries to consumers, so if you are looking for quality tomato concentrate, the products of this collection will meet all your needs.

If you are looking for a natural and completely healthy tomato puree, the products of this collection will undoubtedly meet all your needs. The products of this collection are the production of various types of tomato paste and tomato puree. By visiting the website, you can see the types of products.

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